Minggu, 23 Agustus 2015

tugas II my new friend-M naufal tuafik xipa7


hi,My name is Muhammad naufal taufik.I want to inform about my new friend.His name is yudhistira citro budikusumo.its my first time seeing him,he is a nice guy and care about each other.he was born in Jakarta 6 october 2000.his house at permata bumi raya street AC.44.

I always play with him in school.his hobby is playing basketball,he is really good at playing basketball like lebron james.when we had a lunch,he always eat fried chicken with ice coffee.he is taken now,and his favorite movie is Sherlock holmes.he really like that movie.that is my story about yudhist my new friend.

Minggu, 09 Agustus 2015

B.inggris-SMAN 3 BANDUNG-X IPA 7


Hi,my name is Muhammad Naufal Taufik.I was born in bandung 21 july 2000.i live in batununggal abadi v no 10.I like to playing baseball and computer,my favorite food and drink is pasta and chocolate milk.and my favorite movie is harry potter.

My favorite color is brown,Because I really like chocolate.All furniture in my house mostly painted with brown the youngest in my brother and sister already lecture at padjajaran university.Now my age is 15,my favorite pet is cat because I have it in my house.that’s my identity.