Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

         Last holiday i went to Saudi Arabia.I went there fo 2 weeks with my big family.We flew at 11 a.m from soekarno-hatta airport.we flew for 9 hours from jakarta to jeddah.After i arrived in king abdul aziz jeddah airport,i moved to mecca for umroh with bus.It took 2 hours from Jeddah to Mecca.After we arrived i went to masjidil haramto see kabah.I pray there and did tawaf and sai.

        After finishing,i went to hotel to take a bath and dinner.In mecca  i stayed for 3 days.In the last day at mecca,we tawaf again and visited jabal rahmah the most historic mountain.After that we moved again to medina with bus.It took 6 hours.When i arrived its really cold.I went to hotel and slept.I pray subuh at masjid al-nabawi.

        I stayed in medina for 4 days.After that i went to medina airport.i waited the plane for 2 hours because its delay.I took the saudi airlines plane.its really nice plane.After 9 hours,i arrived in jakarta.I took my bag and took the bus to bandung.I arrived in bandung at midnight.My mother and father picked up me at qiblat tour.And i went home.Its really tiring and exciting spiritual journey.I really had fun in there.


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