Minggu, 27 September 2015


  SMAN 3 Bandung titled Gamarvani: Festival of Arts, Literature, and Culture of West Java, in Field Bali, Jl. Bali no. 8, Bandung, Saturday (09/19/2015).The inspiration that we got in our festival name, Gamarvani, is from Nyi Anteh legend story. It's Indonesian fairy tale,its a very famous story.

  The ticket price is 30.000-50.000,its not that expensive right?all people..different age,different culture,and all of us assemble together in GAMARVANI.At gamarvani we can see performance by HIV! and ADERA.really excited to hear that!.

  If you're hungry,you can buy a food from a foodtruck.there is 12 foodtruck and 15 foodstand.which is a lot, right? From Caian, LOL, Kabut Salju, Bite Box, Roti Gempol and others. We have so many choices and the taste of it is really nice. They also provided this with an affordable price.                             

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