Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015


This name of this park is batununggal abadi park.Because the park location is in batununggal estate.exactly at abadi block.In this park we can see a beautiful flower, trees,and many the morning  we can breathe of fresh air,its really nice.There is a big tree in the middle of the park.many people usually take a nap,relax,or lean back to the tree.Its really cozy place.And there is a field too,we can  playing basketball,voleyball,soccer,baseball,and many things.i usually play that things with my friend.every Sunday there is a yoga class in this park.Its no really a large park,but it’s a beautiful park.we can come anytime to this park,because its free.there is no ban if we go to this park.but if you care to this park,you must keep this  park clean.oh yeah one more,if youre from another city or forigner..this park location at bandung city,indonesia.